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Revelation School of Ministry

Congratulations Class of  2022

Congratulations Class of 2021

Congratulations Class of 2020


Dr. Precious Miller-Horn
Doctoral Degree in Divinity

Going to the Revelation school of ministry has enriched my life. I learned information that will carry me to the next level of my ministry. I would advise anyone who wants to enhance their learning skills to go to the Revelation school of ministry.


The Lindo's 
Master's Degree in Divinity

RSOM had changed my husband’s and my life. I have always wanted to study theology. I am also a student at St Leo University. I was taking classes online due to COVID, but after Covid slowed down, I planned to drive to Tampa every day. And that would have put a strain on my family and I. I have a friend named Retha who asked me why I don’t try going to school locally; this was the best decision I have ever made. I convinced my husband to sign up for the class, and we took the class together as a couple. This decision strengthened our marriage and helped us get closer to God. God has a plan for us, but we must be willing to transition.


Donnie Garry
Bachelor Degree in Divinity

RSOM has given me the chance to find God in everything I do, from bible classes to open forums, and provided me with professors and classmates who love and encourage me. I have found a home at RSOM and cannot thank God enough for opening the door in my life.


Kimberly Garry
Doctoral Degree in Divinity

RSOM is a small school; it is a school that is making a profound impact for the Lord’s kingdom. They are preparing leaders to take the gospel to the nations by equipping them to teach, preach, and council. If one is interested in one of these fields, I highly recommend RSOM

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